What I'm Thankful for in 2019

I know that Thanksgiving is traditionally the holiday when you think about the best things in your life and show appreciation for them. Since I’m from Slovenia and was travelling around Louisiana during Thanksgiving I didn’t write down my thanks. So I decided to write a short post now to thank life for all the things that’s given me in the past year.

Dear life, thank you for

1. OU. On August 11, I packed my bags and flew to the US with my final destination being Norman, Oklahoma. At the beginning of 2019 I decided to spend a semester abroad and I chose to spend it in the United States. I had the best experience, and am so thankful for all that I’ve learned; academically and in life. It was a truly grand experience, full of fun events, great trips and unforgettable nights with friends.


2. New friends. I met so many new people in the US but I am most thankful to have met my two favorite gems, Antonia and Maggy. I am so excited to see you again in the summer. I am thankful for Holly, who gave me a true American college experience. I’m glad that I met my two favorite Texans, one so extra and the other one so cute. I lost count of everybody that made my experience abroad unforgettable. Our Thanksgiving trip to Louisiana and New Orleans is also one of my favorite memories because of the friends that I made along the way.

3. All the people who stayed in my life. I was gone for four months but I feel like everything stayed almost exactly the same. My family, my grandmas and my grandpa, Luka, they all came to greet me when I came home. What I was dreading most about leaving is that everything will be different and changed when I come back. But fortunately, everything stayed the same. My friends are still my friends. I still share everything and more with my sister. My mom is still my best friend. I feel like things haven’t changed at all.

4. Trips and travels in 2019. The year of 2019 was good for travelling. I had a blast in Morocco for the first time, visited Saint Petersburg to cheer and compete, relaxed in Sardinia and Sicily in spring and over the summer, and left for the US where I lived for 4 months. In the US, my friends and I drove to Texas a couple of times, visited all there is to see in the Only One Oklahoma and traveled to Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans in Louisiana. I think this year was full of firsts and memorable moments.

Dallas, TX

5. OU gym. You might think I’m kidding but I really miss the gym that we had on campus. Awesome, huge, motivational. And it was free!!!

6. The academic experience at OU. I can’t express the gratitude that I feel when I think of my professors at OU. They made me want to go to classes and listen to the lectures. The assignments were mostly fun to write. I didn’t mind studying for exams because the material was so interesting and I found it useful. The professors were always there for me, waiting for me to start asking questions. Or try to answer theirs. They supported me and were always a great resource for any kind of questions. I felt like they believed in me. And for that, I will be forever grateful. Because of them I got more passionate about my field. Because of them I want to achieve more.

What happened to you in the past year that you’re thankful for? Was 2019 good to you? Share your thoughts with me.

XX, Ajda