Top 10 Things to Do in Cuba

Cuba is a diverse country, with many secret corners and fun activities just waiting for you to start exploring.

Besides seeing Cuba’s top sights you should definitely consider what else fun there is to do. Here are my top 10 fun things to do in Cuba. I would do them all again in a heartbeat!

1. Swim with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is a unique experience and turns into a lifetime memory for everybody who enjoyed it. These loving and friendly animals spread a lot of positive energy and are thus, even used for therapies.

We enjoyed this fascinating experience at the Dolphinarium in Cienfuegos that has received the certificate of excellence in TripAdvisor. Not only you swim with the dolphins, but you also dance with and kiss the dolphins!

2. Go horseback riding

Horseback riding is absolutely the best option to explore the Viñales Valley. It is a fun experience for couples, families, and individual travelers.

Exploring the surroundings on a horse is completely different from walking or driving around. You can explore a wider region compared to walking, but you stay closer to the nature compared to driving around in a car.

Around Cuba, there are many more options to do horseback riding, not only in Viñales Valley. Take full advantage of what Cuba offers and get on a horse!

3. Go to a salsa club

Salsa is the soul and rhythm of Cuba. If you want to feel the true Cuban vibe, visit a salsa club in the evening.

Be ready to dance, as you will not be able to resist the friendly Cubans inviting you to dance. It is good if you get to practice the basics before going to a club since Cubans are amazing dancers and it is quite challenging to follow up. However, if you do not get the chance to try some salsa at home, they will love to show you the steps!

An evening at a salsa club will definitely be a fabulous night to remember. I also promise you looaaaads of fun!

4. Explore Cuba’s coffee farm

There is nothing like a cup of coffee straight from the coffee plant. I promise you have never tasted such a full taste of coffee before and if a coffee lover, you are sure going to love it!

There’s a special taste to the coffee grown in the country’s fertile soil and by its hard-working farmers. Coffee is usually served as an espresso with the option of brown sugar.

Coffee is an integral part of Cuban culture as it fosters so many social interactions. We gave a ride to a local who had a flat tire and he made us coffee straight from the plant in front of the house as a thank you.

5. Have a mojito

Havana is the birthplace of the mojito cocktail. Try the original mojito in Havana or any other Cuban city.

Mojito is a cocktail made of white rum, lime juice, sugar, mint, and some sparkling water. Cool thing about Cuban mojito: you can make it at home to enjoy in the hot summer days!

Other cocktails to enjoy with Cuban rum are piña colada, daiquiri, and Cuba libre.

If you are not a cocktail lover, you can try Cuban rum on rocks, Havana Club. Havana Club rum is ridiculously cheap to buy in Cuba so make some room in your baggage!

6. Have a ride with BICI taxi

In some Cuban cities, locals are trying to make some money by driving tourists around on their transformed bikes. If you have been wandering around the town for quite a long time and are thus tired, ask a local with a BICI taxi to take you back to the hotel.

Locals are usually thrilled to talk to tourists and are glad to cycle you to your wanted location.

7. Visit a tobacco plantation

Cigars are such an important part of Cuban culture as they embody the free and relaxing spirit that the Cubans possess.

Visit a tobacco plantation to see how Cubans get cigars and to get some best homemade cigars. Some plantations offer special deals on cigars that are worth to be checked out. Most of the best tobacco plantations can be found in the rural town of Viñales.

Many tobacco plantations are a family-run business. However, farmers are required by law to sell 90% of their tobacco to the Cuban government at a set price.

As you step inside the hut you will be immediately welcomed by a smell of tobacco. Check out how the tobacco plant looks like and learn about the drying and rolling of Cuban cigars.

8. Drive in an old mustang

Exploring Cuba you cannot help but notice the beautiful old-fashioned colorful cars that seem to be present in every Cuban city.

I drove in one taxi in Havana and everything inside was absolutely broken. The drive was crazy, scary, and exciting at once. Driving in an old Cuban car is a true adventure as it gets your adrenaline flowing.

9. Buy a CD with Cuban music

Having a CD with authentic Cuban music to play at home anytime you want is like an instant ticket to Cuba – it takes you back in time.

I saw many musical groups and bands playing in Cuba; some on the street and others during musical evenings in hotels. Many of them offer CDs with their recordings that you can buy to bring home the best souvenir.

10. Join a ceremony in the church

Religious or not, join a mass in Cuba to see how Cubans celebrate life. Coming from Europe and being used to traditional Catholic ceremonies, this experience was really special and inspiring to me. People attending the ceremony were singing and dancing with the choir and the positive spirit is contagious.

I thought that if Catholic ceremonies in Slovenia looked anything like that I might be attending church more regularly.

I am missing Cuba so much as I’m writing this post for you. Let me know what you would love to do in Cuba in the comments below.

XX, Ajda