Summer Vacation in Corfu: 8 Best Places to Visit

Before I visited Corfu, I heard that the island is popular among high school seniors for the final class trip. I figured Corfu must be a lot of fun and when we found cheap tickets, I was all ready to go.

I visited Corfu with my best friends and we rented a car as soon as we landed on the island (it was quite tough considering none of us was more than 20 years old). However, we finally got the car and so we started our road trip across the beautiful Greek island.

Corfu, Greece

To sum it up for you I made a list of top 8 things to do and see in Corfu. Read, plan, fly, and enjoy!

1. Corfu Town

Corfu Town, the biggest and most picturesque city on the island, has an enchanting architecture. The old town of Corfu City is under the world heritage for its uniqueness and charm.

Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece
Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece
Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

Check out the ancient buildings, fascinating Venetian fortresses, and explore the old town for more historical treasures.

Catch the vibe of the beautiful city in the vibrant Esplanade Square and sit down the in lovely cafés and restaurants, or visit the cutest local shops. On the Esplanade’s western boundary, you can find an elegant arcade called Liston from the French period.

Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

Don’t miss the Church of St Spyridon, a Greek Orthodox church from the 16th century. Its Renaissance bell tower is the highest in the Ionian Islands.

Corfu town is the best place to buy some souvenirs. I would advise you to try some of their cosmetic products made with olive oil.

We stopped at a beautiful square where they supposedly serve the best beer in town. I tried beer with dark chocolate flavor and as special as the taste was, I really liked it!

Corfu also has a city beach that’s not anything special but it will do you good to freshen up during the hot summer days in the city.

Visit Corfu harbor for some cute shots like these:

Corfu Harbor, Corfu, Greece
Corfu Harbour, Corfu, Greece

2. Sidari

Sidari is a vibrant town with a classic Greek charm on the northern part of the island. There are plenty of hotels to stay in and the beautiful town is packed with British.

We stayed in a beautiful apartment complex named Helena Apartments & Villas (you can find them on booking) close to the beach and with a great pool and lawn. The apartment had a functional kitchen and a nice balcony with a view.

It’s a great city for a night out (or three) as it has some great clubs, fun karaoke bars, and live concerts. Many bars have party themes depending on the day of the week. You can find anything from nights with Greek music to DJs and Tina Turner imitators (and good ones, too!).

After a sleepless night, treat yourself with a full English breakfast with some mimosas or Gyros pie.

3. Palaiokastritsa

Palaiokastritsa is probably one of the best-known places on the island. Palaiokastritsa is a small town with a gorgeous beach and a monastery.

Monastery Palaiokastritsa dates back to the 13th century and is situated on a high hill right above the beach. Walk to the monastery as the steep road offers amazing views of the shore.

Palaiokastritsa, Corfu, Greece

You can tour the buildings, lush gardens, and the chapel of the monastery. To enter the chapel, however, you will need to cover your legs and shoulders.

Palaiokastritsa Monastery, Corfu, Greece

The monks from the monastery also cultivate olives and press their own oil, which can be bought at the shop.

Just east of the monastery is the exquisite Paleokastritsa Beach. The beach has a soft golden sand and the coastline around Paleokastritsa is perforated with sea caves, which makes it a dream destination for snorkelers.

Palaiokastritsa, Corfu, Greece
Palaiokastritsa Beach, Corfu, Greece

4. Canal d’Amour

Canal d’Amour is a long creek with layered sand-colored walls only a short drive from Sidari. Walk by the cliffs to the famous tunnel near the entrance to the creek.

Canal d'Amour, Corfu, Greece

The legend says that any couples who swim through the tunnel together will soon get married.

If you’re not fearful, have the day of your life and jump of the cliffs further out where the water is deeper. I know it might be scary for the first time but it feels awesome as soon as your feet leave the ground!

Canal d'Amour, Corfu, Greece

5. Achilleion Palace

Empress of Austria, Elisabeth (Sisi) commissioned a summer residence in 1890 10 kilometers south of Corfu Town and named it Achilleion Palace. The palace was named after the famous Greek hero Achilles, and designed by the Italian architect in the 19th century.

Achilleion Palace, Corfu, Greece
Achilleion Palace, Corfu, Greece

The palace is very well preserved and its interior is made into a museum full of memorabilia relating to Elisabeth of Bavaria. Don’t miss the massive painting of Achilles dragging the body of Hector from his chariot and admire the stunning dining hall.

Achilleion Palace, Corfu, Greece

You can also tour the gardens, enriched with fountains and marvelous statues amid palms and cypress trees. From the terrace, you can get an amazing view of Corfu town.

Achilleion Palace, Corfu, Greece
Achilleion Palace, Corfu, Greece

6. Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos is an endless sandy beach at the northwestern part of the island. The beach is a sweeping bay and the water is crystal clear. Because the beach is limitless, you can always find an uncrowded spot.

Agios Stefanos, Corfu, Greece

There are a couple of bars and lovely restaurants close by if you fancy a drink. On the beach, there is a great choice of sunbeds.

The views from the beach are stunning, and I recommend you watch the magical sunset.

If you walk further by the beach, you get to the nudist beach.

7. Kassiopi

We made a day trip to Kassiopi, which the most picturesque fishing village on Corfu island and well popular among tourists.

The sea is of a beautiful blue color with great swimming spots along the peninsula, some even quite private. Have a chill day sunbathing and relaxing.

Kassiopi, Corfu, Greece
Kassiopi, Corfu, Greece

Try the delicious gyros pie in Kassiopi before returning home.

8. Barbati Beach

Barbati lies only 20 kilometers north of Corfu Town and it has one of the most impressive beaches of Corfu hugged by lush green forests and verdurous hills. It makes for a perfect day trip.

It is a beautiful white shiny pebbles beach with sunbeds, a cocktail bar, and crystalline water. Simply perfect to enjoy it with friends!

Barbati Beach can be quite overpacked with tourists over summer, but it empties in the evenings and in September.

I hope this list of top things to do in Corfu gave you some great ideas to plan your summer vacation. I would love to see and hear about your adventures on the unforgettable Corfu Island.

XX, Ajda