Spring in Amsterdam: How to Spend the Perfect Spring Days in Amsterdam, Netherlands

There's always a ton of things to do in Amsterdam no matter the season. Read more about all the awesome things to do in Amsterdam by following this link (Amsterdam Bucket List: Top 10 Things to Do Before You Die). However, there are some things that you can only do in Spring or that are even more special when spring is awakening.

Amsterdamse Bos and the Cherry Blossom

South of Amsterdam, in Amstelveen, only a bike ride away, there is Amsterdamse Bos or the Amsterdam Forest. It is a huge green area for recreation – you can walk, run, cycle, kayak and more! In spring, a must see if the cherry blossom (Bloesempark) that lies on the side of the forest.

Because it can get really crowded during the weekends and mid-day, I would suggest you visit the blossom early in the morning. This will give you some time to walk through the avenue by yourself. The Cherry Blossom season depends on the weather, but you can usually admire it in mid March to early April.

Picnic in Westerpark

Every spring, there are usually a couple of warmer days as well, when the temperatures rise up to 20 degrees celsius. If you're lucky enough to have such a beautiful day while visiting Amsterdam, use it for a nice picnic in Westerpark. Westerpark has many great picnic spots – all you need is a blanket and some food and drinks.

King's Night

The Netherlands is a monarchy and king Willem's birthday is 27th April. That means that on 27th April, the whole Netherlands is partying. Not only the royal family but every Dutchie celebrates their King's birthday. Celebrations start on the eve before King's Day – there are parties and concerts, and it is especially lively around Westerstraat in Jordaan. Jordaan is a vibrant and chic area in Amsterdam that you absolutely must visit during your stay in Amsterdam.

If you want to come prepared, have a can of beer or a bottle of wine in your backpack but beware; don't lose your friends in the crowd!

Celebrate King's Day

The single day in the year when all the streets in the center of Amsterdam are closed is King's Day. Plan to get close to the city center on your bike or by public transport but be sure to park your bike somewhat outside the center anyway so you don't get lost in the crowd with no escape.

There are hardly words to describe the vibe on King's Day. It is crowded, it is busy, it is fun, it is loud! It's the greatest street party I have ever seen!

Wear orange! Yes, the most neon orange shirt that you own. But not only the shirt – take earrings, hair pieces, scrunchies, hats, socks and shoes to blend in the crowd.

If you will be celebrating with a bigger circle, you may want to think about renting a boat and driving through the canals. You can have your own party with foods and drinks at the boat while enjoyed the fuss in the city but not actually having to push through the crowds.

Walk Through Vondelpark

Vondelpark is lovely anytime but especially so in the spring when the flowers and trees begin to blossom. You can get a cup of coffee in one of the nearby cafés and have a relaxed and joyous walk through the park with a friend or alone to clear your head.

Visit Keukenhof

Keukenhof is not actually in Amsterdam but only a short car drive away. It's best to make a half-day trip to Keukenhof where world's largest and most beautiful tulip gardens are located. Everything blossoms in spring and the park is opened end of March until mid-May every year.

If you have the flexibility to plan a trip to Keukenhof during the week it will be far less crowded than during the weekend.

Canal Boat Ride

Boat tours are a must do while visiting Amsterdam but especially so in the warmer rays of sunshine in spring. Make sure to book a boat tour on an open luxury boat, you can even find some options with drinks included! Open boats give you better opportunity for photos and an unobstructed view of Amsterdam neighbourhoods and architecture.

What is your favorite thing to do in Amsterdam in spring? Let me know in the comments below! There is still some time to do it!

XX, Ajda