Let’s Take Care of Our Planet

I don’t know if you joined or maybe even helped organize the climate strikes. I joined the one Ljubljana and I remember thinking how great it was. It was kids with their parents, older kids that came from school with their friends, young couples, grandparents. All generations gathered to remind the world of the disastrous threat of climate change. To remember how to take care for our planet because there is no planet B.

Climate strike in Ljubljana

First thing that I think should be emphasized is that every conscious change matters. Let’s decide to stop buying plastic straws, you can buy reusable ones (made from hard plastic) and wash them after each use or, to be honest, gin tonic is just as good without the straw as it is with it. Take a reusable or paper bag from home instead of getting a plastic one in the grocery store. Another easy thing you can do is buy packaging that’s not unnecessarily using plastic. Instead of a big pack of chips with six small ones in it, you can buy three medium sized packs of chips. Or, if you’re having a party, you can just buy one big pack.

Eat less meat and less dairy products

My next advice: meat and dairy products. I’m not vegan and neither am I vegetarian but I can still lower the intake of meat and dairy products. I promise you will live just as full a life with eating meat every other day as you are eating it every day. I eat it approximately twice a week and I feel great! Veggies are life. Hear me out: by becoming vegetarian, you would half your personal carbon footprint! This means that if everybody would go vegetarian there would be half as many CO2 emissions released in the atmosphere. If you feel like you can’t survive a day without eating meat, you can still contribute by eating smaller portions of meat. By halving our meat intake we take carbon footprint down by a quarter. Make half a pack of chicken files instead of the whole package. Eat two eggs for breakfast instead of three and drink half a glass of milk instead of a full glass. Buy more local and organic products in the stores. Or even better, grow your own fruits and vegetables if you have a chance. We got this! Let’s make small conscious changes every day.


Another very important thing is to RECYCLE. By recycling, we allow our waste to be processed and used again. Recycling substantially reduces the need for extracting, refining, and processing raw materials all of which create water and air pollution. It also saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Buy a few extra trashcans to help you with recycling. Find out where you can take separated waste in your area. From there on it’s pretty simple. This can be your own little project. The nature and animals will be so thankful.

Save energy

Replace the old light bulbs with new energy-efficient light bulbs. Don’t bathe every day and save water. Once a week or once every other week should be enough for you to relax. Unplug computers and other electronics when you’re not using them. Hang-dry your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer when possible.

Use public transport

Especially in Europe, public transport tends to be quite cheap and usually more timesaving than driving your own car would be, especially in the city centers. If you don’t want to take a bus to school or work, consider biking! Biking is especially great if you live close to the city center. In the morning traffic jams, you might even get there faster. If none of these options appeal to you, consider at least sharing the car with a few friends or colleagues when you go to work, school or take a trip.

Every change matters

The most common excuse to changing one’s habits is that a change they will make won’t matter in the world as big as ours. But the fact is, every change matters. Together, we can change the world. Let’s take care of our planet, it’s pretty awesome!

What are some other easy ways to fight against climate change? What changes will you make? Comment down below and let me know!

XX, Ajda