Best 10 Ways to Survive Quarantine In 2020

Many of us, me included, have found ourselves in a curious situation. What to do when you’re not allowed to go out, meet friends or go to the gym? #Stayathome can be exhausting too, I feel you. That’s why I prepared some suggestions on what to do during these odd and hard times.

1. Don’t let the media overwhelm you

This one is big and important. Watching or listening to the media all day and searching the news online will very likely create fear or even panic. Restrict your media time to once per day. For example, if you already watched the news in the morning, do something else in the evening. Go for a walk, clean your apartment, or relax under the shower. It might be sensible to limit your time on social media as well because most of the posts are somehow connected to Corona virus.

2. Read a good book

Pick up that book from the shelf that you bought months ago but haven’t had time to read it yet. This is a good time to read before bed and to read in bed when you wake up. I am currently re-reading Harry Potter books and I’m enjoying it immensely.

3. Meditate, practice mindfulness or do yoga

In times like these, it’s critical to find time for relaxation. The fear and panic surrounding you or the constant chatter about COVID-19 might be working detrimentally on your mental health. Dedicate a few minutes every day to purposefully clear your mind and de-stress. For meditation, you can try an app called Omvanaor Headspace. If you don’t know how to practice mindfulness, download the app Calmand start there. I personally enjoy yoga the most early in the morning as I find it to be the perfect start of a day. Start by watching YouTube tutorials and then create your daily routine.

4. See a movie from your list

I have about ten different lists filled with movies I want to watch out of this or that reason. Now it’s the perfect time to find it on Netflix or Prime and see it. If you run out of movies, contact me, I would love to share my endless lists with you!

5. Go for a run or a walk in the nature

If the weather is nice, go out and take a long and nice walk in the nature. You will notice that the nature and spring are not aware of or influenced by Corona Virus. And it’s beautiful to be reminded that just because your life might be a bit different at the moment that doesn’t mean everything has changed. The flowers still live and bloom. I like to go for a run as well. Especially in times like these, it reminds me to be grateful for everything my body is capable of, which I forget to appreciate every single day.

Our pets are happy we're staying at home, for sure!

6. Make a plan and set your goals

You probably have a few weeks of isolation during which your time is probably a lot less structured than usually. Hence, make a plan of what you want to do and accomplish in the following days. Make TO DO lists and check out the items that you managed to accomplish during the day. Looking back you will feel good about everything that you have managed to get done. This is also a good time to learn something new and something that you’ve long wanted to do. I am looking forward to playing piano again after several years. Yay!

7. Filter through your camera

I love looking at my memories and remembering all the good times and trips. This is the perfect time to filter through your camera or your phone camera roll and delete double photos. Then, you can choose photos to put in albums so you have something to look back to later. So far, I have albums with photos from my summers, trips and travels and an album that I got as a gift from babe in which I keep all our photos and selfies. Moreover, Mother’s day is approaching fast and I bet an album with photos of you and your mom together would make the perfect present!

8. Volunteer in your local community

If you’re healthy, you can sign up as a volunteer in your local community to deliver drugs and food to the elderly or help take care of kids that are suddenly left without the option of daycare or kindergartens for parents who cannot work from home. These are hard times so it’s even more welcoming and appreciated when somebody offers help to the less privileged and those in need of help.

9. Clean your apartment

Do you remember all the times you saw that something has to be done in your apartment but haven’t had the time to do it? Now it’s the perfect time to swipe the dust, vacuum and clear your closets. We have a basement room that needs to be reorganized into a fitness room but haven’t had the time to do it in ages. Guess who’s soon getting a fitness room????? Can you tell how excited I am?

10. Create

Wake up the artist in you and do something creative. Whether it’s painting, writing poems or songs, sewing your own clothes or creating a blog! You can look up videos on YouTube and make some simple (or more complex if you’d like) decorations for your apartment. I adore spring and it’s lovely to decorate the place with paper flowers! I will also dedicate more time to my blog so you guys can read more content while staying at home.

I hope you enjoyed reading and got some crazy ideas on what to do with yourself in the following weeks. I bet you have other suggestions and ways to kill time and I would love it if you shared them with me! You know, we all need some inspiration. Stay healthy and #stayathome!

XX, Ajda