The Best Ways to Get Rid of Period Pain

I know. Period cramps are THE worst. It’s hard to find your way around them but I decided to list some solutions to which I’ve come from personal experience. They probably won’t completely eliminate the pain but they help me substantially so I thought you might try them as well.

Herbal tea. It can be any herbal tea that you like; most of them work for me. It can be a simple tea such as mint tea or chamomile, or you can choose a blend of herbal teas. Have a cup in the morning or, as I prefer, before you go to bed. It will help you sleep better. Herbal teas also fight the cold and boost your immune system. They have a calming impact on your mind, and relieve stress and anxiety.

I found that a soothing bath also has calming effects on my uterus and nerves. It helps me to relax after a tough day and lures me into sleepy state. I sometimes put tea tree extracts into the bath or simply add herb leaves (exactly the same ones I would put in a herb tea!). Treat yourself with some roses; they tone your skin. If you go to sleep soon after getting out of your bath, menstrual pain won’t have time to come back!

If you’re dealing with awful cramps and are at home or somewhere you’re comfortable, you can put a pillow under your stomach and lay on it. Another position that works well for me is the fetus position. Putting something hot on my uterus is also great. Hot water bags are the best. They ease the pain and make you feel more comfortable. You can push them lightly against your lower part of stomach or even lie on them for a magnifying effect.

My favorite and most efficient cure for period pain is exercise. I know many of you might be surprised because you think that the last thing you can do on your period is work out but trust me – it is the single best solution. I love to work out and sweat because it makes me forget about my uterus, menstrual cramps and the pain. You can go to the gym and do the exercises at your own pace. I would suggest you do cardio because it gets your heart rate up and while catching for air you’re likely not going to have time to think about your period. Another thing that really relaxes me, wakes up my muscles and my mind, is yoga. Do it with the help of YouTube or, even better, talk to your yoga instructor about adjusting some of the exercises or positions for you.

If you have a loving partner ask him to give you a gentle stomach massage. As weird as this sounds, lightly pushing on to the hurtful parts of my stomach really helps me in desperate moments. You can also massage the part of your feet that is connected to your stomach. This might be placebo effect talking but I do feel a relief after my babe massages my feet. And the great thing with both massages is that you can do it by yourself as well.

I hope this helps! Remember, we’re in this together. Let me know what helps you, I bet you have some original ideas and advices that could come handy to me or any of the other readers. Take care.

XX, Ajda