Berlin Top 10: Your Guide to the Enchanting German Capital

Berlin is the ideal place for a city break in Europe. It has a rich history and culture, delicious local food, buzzing nightlife scene, and world-famous beer.

Moreover, there is an abundance of sights and museums, and if you don’t have time to see them all, below are some of my personal favorites.

During your visit, it is mandatory to try the Berliner Currywurst. The currywurst is a signature fast food dish of the city and you will find it served up in stalls and restaurants around the city. It is made up of sausages, curry sauce, and ketchup, usually served with fries.

I visited Berlin with Luka on our Interrail trip across Europe. It was our final destination and we were definitely not disappointed!

Interrail Trip


Brandenburg Gate should be on top of your to do list for Berlin as a beautiful neoclassical monument in the city center.

It was originally built at the beginning of the 18th century and was part of the Berlin Customs wall. Later, the gate separated the West from the East and was unpassable. As such, it became a symbol of separation between East and West Berlin.

After the wall finally fell in 1989, the gate was reopened and became a symbol of peace. This historical spot also brings wonderful photo opportunities.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany


Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany

German parliament sits in the Reichstag Building but that is only one of the reasons why Reichstag Building is worth your visit. The top of the building and the dome offer inexplicably beautiful sights of the city.

The entrance to the dome is free of charge but you should remember to book your visit in advance. Booking your visit at least two weeks in advance is mandatory to be allowed admission to the building.

The tour guide will take you through the dome and tell you all about the Reichstag Building and the parliament of Germany.

When booking your visit, you have to choose the date and the hour of your visit. We decided to visit the dome at night so we get the night panorama of Berlin and I must tell you that it was magical. The Glass Dome offers spectacular night views of the German capital.

Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany


East Side Gallery is the right place to see the past, present, and future merge. Moreover, East Side Gallery is paradise on Earth for every street art lover as it features more than 100 paintings by artists all over the world.

East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany

What makes East Side Gallery even more unique is that the art is painted on the remainings of the Berlin Wall. Therefore, it represents an important symbol of today’s freedom painted on one of the most important sights in Berlin’s history.

Quite a few hours are likely to pass by as you take your time to look at the paintings and read the messages that the authors left on the walls. Honestly, a day could pass by …

East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany
East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Charlie Checkpoint was one of the most famous crossing points between the East and West sides of Germany. Today, Charlie Checkpoint is a popular tourist spot but it looks exactly as it did during the cold war era.

Charlie Checkpoint, Berlin, Germany
Charlie Checkpoint, Berlin, Germany

Check out the Charlie Checkpoint Museum for some interesting insights into German history.


Tiergarten is the biggest park in the city and it is literally a humongous green oasis in the middle of the city center.

You can easily spend hours wandering around the park, as there are endless possibilities of how to spend your time. You can choose to be active and exercise in the park, or you can have a picnic – bring a picnic cover for the best time. If you have a boat license, you can also rent a boat!

Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany


Holocaust Memorial or Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a peaceful but magical place. Wandering through the memorial gives you a sense of atrocities that took place during World War II.

It is composed of 2,711 concrete slabs that are organized in rows. If you walk beneath the memorial, you will find the Place of Information, which lists the names of over 3 million Jews that died during the Holocaust. You can also read stories and personal accounts of the horrors of World War II.

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany

The memorial is an open space structure so there is no entrance fee and you are free to walk around it. However, please respect the memorial’s cause and keep quiet. Do not climb the stones and jump off.


Alexanderplatz is an iconic square in the center of the city that you can see in every movie that was filmed in Berlin. Pose in front of the famous World Clock and take in the vibrant vibe of the square.


The Berlin Zoo is one of the biggest in Europe. It is Germany's oldest zoological garden and home to the world’s largest variety of species. In the zoo, you can see everything from elephants, giraffes, and gorillas to giant pandas and endless species of birds.

Berlin Zoo, Berlin, Germany


The Berlin Wall is completely free to explore and learn about the German history. Although most of the wall was demolished, parts of it have been restored. Stop along the way to read the information plaques to learn more about the wall.

Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

Check out the Berlin Wall Memorial, which gives you an account of the division of Berlin. It features a large open-air exhibition by the remaining of the wall that explains the history behind the cold war. The exhibition includes historical audio and video materials, and a visitor’s center.

Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany


Platz der Republic is a cool green oasis in front of the Reichstag Building. It is a good place to rest and take a couple of minutes to just enjoy the beautiful sight of the Reichstag Building.

Platz der Republic is also a popular tourist spot for taking photos as one of the most noticeable and well-known buildings lingers in the background.

Platz der Republic, Berlin, Germany

I look forward to hearing about your favorite places in Berlin!

XX, Ajda